Keyless Entry Issue


I have a 2006 Hyundai Azera that recently started to make noises in the keyless entry system. While I’m driving it sounds like the system is trying to lock/unlock the doors without me doing anything. The other thing is that I used to have to hit the unlock button twice to unlock all the doors, but now a single hit unlocks them all.

I can’t identify any specific condition that consistently occurs in conjunction with this (weather, area, electronics use, etc).

Any ideas?


its usually the frt control module,or the door module (which is actually the sw assy. take it to the dealer,they can use the GDS,to actvate a few key components and narrow it down.and being an 06 model they will likely do it as a waranty long as you have not spilled coffee down the sw.they may get the wrong sw at first due to wood grain panels and plastic panels do differ,as far as application.


Check your owners manual, I suspect you need to reprogram the selected door unlock/lock code.


its a known issue with that model,i work at the hyundai dealer.


Good, then you can answer future questions on that make and save us the time and effort.