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Problem with locks

My wife killed the battery and had to jump it. After jumping it, the key would not work on the driver or passenger side door. I have manual locks but there is a key-less entry mechanism installed in the car, but hasn’t worked in years. Does anyone no how to disable this or if that is the problem? The only way to open the door is too reach in through window, hold the lock back and open the door from the outside. Then it immediately locks again.

You are asking for instructions on how to disable an aftermerket keyless entry system. All I can give is a generic “find the module and remove the fuse” type answer. Have you taken a look for the keyless module? It sounds like with just a minimal amount of work you could even have this keyless system back up and working,do you know the manufacture of the system?

“Pursuit” is on the remote. I do not know where to look for the keyless module. How do I know which fuse is right? Forgive me, I do not work with cars that often.

The fuse is probably in-line with the keyless module. The module is almost 100% likely to be under the dash on the drivers side. Take a look under the dash and keep your eyes open for something that looks like it was added and not original,aftermarket keyless modules are pretty obvious,it may even say “Pursuit” on it. Go ahead and take a look under the drivers side dash and let us know what you see.

I looked underneath the steering column and cannot distinguish anything from rest of the bundled wires. Did you mean for me to pull up the dash panel above the steering wheel? I’m sorry if this is frustrating but I am very thankful for the help.

No not above the steering wheel. Do you see any electrical connections made to any of these bundled wires that does not look original,one that looks like a tap?

Do you see in any of your fuse boxes any connections that also look no-original.

Lastly do you see any connections made at the battery that appear to be add ons?

You are getting to the point of asking for a more experienced pair of eyes to look your car over.