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Keyless entry and remote start not working 2009 Subaru Tribeca

I’ve only had this car a couple weeks and having issues. I regret buying it. Okay so anyway the keyless entry and remote start both are not working. I changed battery in key fobs. I also tried reprograming key fobs still nothing. I’m now looking into keyless entry control module. Does anyone know where that is located on 2009 Subura Tribeca. Also does keyless entry control module just fail over time. This car is 10 years old. Would appreciate any assistance. Thanks

Subaru calls it the Body Integrated Unit.

Or the Body Control Module.


Yes could be the bci. I thought more issues would be present with bci failure. But maybe keyless entry and remote start failure is just the beginning. I need to get rid of this thing asap. Thanks any other quick fix or suggestions appreciate d. Thanks