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Key turns, then ignition locks

I have a 2004 ION. There are at least 2 recalls on Saturn ignitions. I have taken mine to the Chevy Dealer in Salem, OR twice. The key is stuck again. Every time they get close to my car they want to charge me at least $500. When I tell them no, the service guy figures out a charge. A recall, go figure. They don’t make the dang things anymore so these guys have issues with the people that own them. My suggestion. Call the 800 number to Saturn. A year ago it was still there. Tell them what is going on with your ignition. They will take care of you. At least they did for me. Insist on talking with Saturn though. A gal from the Philippines got me towed…free…and made them fix my ignition…free. Broke again. Or, maybe not. One thing I just remembered that a tow truck guy told me once about Saturn’s. If your gas is too low they won’t start. My gas is pretty low right now.
I am getting rid of the car soon. This has been my biggest problem. Chevy is taking care of the recalls. You could call them. Do not let them charge you…or tow you. My other problem is the plumbing from the sky roof. I think that may have caused my short. Does anyone know how to clean out that small drain tube, and r how to even get to it?

No experience, but the common advice here is to make sure the drain at the bottom is open, then use compressed air to blow the drain line from the top. Don’t you have a repair manual for your car? If not suggest to secure one, as it will likely show how to access the top of the drain line.