Key stuck in ignition of 1997 Subaru Legacy

I’ve wiggled the key and the stirring wheel and the key won’t turn completely to off and won’t slide out. Besides draining the battery, what other damage am I doing to the car by not getting this fixed.

Make sure the transmission is in PARK. The key won’t come out otherwise.

Having the key stuck in the ignition won’t damage the car at all. Depending on how far it turns it may not even drain the battery. If the engine turns off and all the dashboard warning lights are also off, the battery is not being drained.

The voltage may be low. Have a jump start connected. You don’t have to start the car; just try to remove the ignition key with the jump connected.
If the key releases, have the battery (and its connections) and the alternator checked, for free, at your favorite auto parts store.