2001 Hyundai Santa Fe loves it's key!


My wife’s 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe (V6 Auto-trans) has fallen in love with it’s key, as in it has a hard time giving the key back to us after driving it! The key gets stuck in the ignition switch forcing my wife to move the transfer mission back and forth repeatedly like a mouse waiting for a treat after performing a circus trick. She’s also tried stomping on the brake pedal like a kicking donkey, but this doesn’t help much.

The Hyundai seems to have multiple personality disorder in that sometime it just don’t care for the key and it comes right out. I’ve driven the car with my own set of keys (much less used than my wife’s set) but the problem still happens occasionally.

So, my question, how do we break up this disfunctional relationship between the car and it’s key?

Thanks in advance,

Arthur “MaDDoG” Maddalena

Try spraying a little wd-40 or equiv. in there. If that doesn’t work it’s time for a new ignition lock. Not cheap, but how will you feel when the lock takes permanent possession of the key?

I second circuitsmith’s recommendation.

Also, can the OP explain what a “transfer mission” is?
Does this relate to personnel matters within a missionary group?

My bad!

I should have proof read, I meant to type transmission…

I guess transfer mission is the mission of the transmission!