Key Scratch on car paint


How do you remove a light not so deep key scratch from a Nissan Versa’s passenger door side? The scratch is about 12-15 inches in length.


Its not how long, its how deep. If it has just scratched the clear coat (whiteish color) you can try to buff it out. If it has gone into the color coat beneath or worse to the primer or metal, you have no choice but to refinish it. To buff it, use an aggressive rubbing compound and finish with polish and wax. If the rubbing compund doesn’t do it, you can sand it with 2-3000 grit paper, then machine rub it and machine polish. If that doesn’t do it, its too deep and you’ll have to add paint, sand and buff.


I have used a product called GS 27 for light scratches on my vehicles. There are other brands available at auto stores. Its worth a try if not too deep.