Ignition switch problem?

I have a 1996 buick regal v6. The car runs fine, but sometimes when i got to start it it won’t start right away. Everything turns on (lights, dash, etc) excepts it won’t start and there is no noise, i just turn it all the way over and it clicks but no other major noises happen. Eventually, if i keep at it it will turn over, but only after a take it out of park and put it in nuetral and then put it back and repeat (I’m pretty sure this doesn’t help, but makes me feel like I am doing something). I checked all the fuses, even the big ones under the hood and none are broken. Is it the sign of a new ignition switch being needed? I’m at a loss. Sometimes it starts right up and sometimes it doesn’t. Seems to be no ryhme or reason to it. Any help would be great.

Thanks a lot!


There are some big cables that attach to the battery, make sure they are clean and tight (remove them and look).

Maybe there’s a junction terminal fault due to corrosion if this model uses this junction and/or a neutral safety switch problem.

The junction terminal should be located near the battery and there should be a heavy lead from the battery positive terminal running to this terminal. You might pop that loose and clean it.

Many SAABs also use a junction terminal and it can definitely be a fine one minute and bad the next. (As I found out one time on vacation after checking in at a hotel.)

thanks for the answer, I didn’t mean to flag this, though i was hitting the reply button. i’ll try that for sure

thanks a lot. This really help as the model does have this strange junction. I’ll look at that first thing in the morning and send updates. Thanks again

Sounds like the starter solenoid may be sticking or the starter relay may be failing.