Buick Regal - Wouldn't start, then suddenly started?



I have a 2000 Regal, LSE, 3.8L engine.

Today it was running fine; went into Target and came out about 45 minutes later, and nothing. I turned the key and the lights all came on, radio came on, etc., but I got nothing from the engine. Wouldn’t even crank.

Sat there and swore for a few minutes, tried it a few more times - nothing. Finally, when I was about to call the tow truck, I turned the key backward, then forward, and it started beautifully (I had tried this before, but didn’t work the first time).

Is this a warning sign that something big is about to fail?


You may have to replace the ignition switch, but I would have a proper diagnosis done first.


There’s an intermittent electrical connection, somewhere. But, being intermittent, it will be hard to locate. One suspect is the battery cable positive connections to the battery, and to the body or engine (negative cable). Disconnect cables, clean, reconnect.