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Kendall semi syn Vs Mobil 1

Which one is better?
A good m/c told me about Kendall. He uses Kendall semi syn on his 1980s 3 series BMW - it still runs with 300k mileage on it.

Does Semi Syn uses recycled oil?

I have parts for Mobil 1, labor cost me $20 (don’t do engine oil anymore) - This yr Firestone has been running a promo for $20 on Kendall parts + labor - I am debating? Besides, there are deals for Thanks giving - Mobil 1 FS for $5 - should I stock up?

Any semi blend is 90%dino/10%syn. So you are comparing Dino vs syn in this case.

Use synthetic oil only if you what to extend your oil changes. Otherwise, there is no advantage. Using blends does not make it possible to extend changes as they are mostly petroleum based like regular oil is. As Cavell says, just treat this Kendall oil as a regular non synthetic as far as your expectations are concerned. The biggest advantage for blends are for the seller. They can charge 40% more when they are only 10% or even less different. The m/c uses Kendall instead of synthetic because he is too cheap to use synthetic…like many of us who don’t plan on extending oil change intervals.


“the m/c uses Kendall instead of synthetic because he is too cheap to use synthetic”

Kendall isn’t cheap junk oil

"Kendall isn’t cheap junk oil."
Don’t think I said it was. Thought I was comparing the cost to Mobile 1, or other true synthetic in which over time makes Kendall much cheaper. I bet using Mobil 1 is a heck of a lot more expensive if he doesn’t extend his oil change interval…which was the additional comment . …“too cheap to use synthetic” does not mean Kendall is cheap…just “cheaper” Like, you may be younger then I, but that doesn’t make you young.;)))

It may not be a junk oil but I would not use it with any expectations greater then Petrol based oil from any name brand maker of an API certified oil of the same viscosity. That makes me too cheap to use a synthetic in the same situation.

Use what owner’s manual recommends. The guys that wrote that know far better than anybody on any internet forum what your engine’s needs are.

I too have run an engine well beyond 300,000 miles, and on dino oil.
I’ve run a number of engines well beyond 200,000 miles on only dino… including my current one.

But I would NEVER use dino on an engine with a turbo or an engine whose manufacturer recommends synthetic. To me that would be foolhearty. Note that I used the word “recommended” rather than “required”. I prefer to err on the side of overprotecting the engine rather than underprotecting it.

See reviews on Kendall Semi Syn:

I am struggling to see how some customer opinions are that important unless the customers are scientists or race car mechanics. A discernible difference between synthetic and blends I can see. Otherwise, it’s the old, " my oil is better then your oil" discussion and really, the pros are the only opinions that matter. Heck, some of them sound lie," I read the label so it must be better, opinions"