Keeping Up with the Jones?

I like it…you can park next to my Suzuki Sidekick.

WOW…thanks everyone…GREAT FEEDBACK…I’ll keep you posted!


Agree; I assume that OP is savvy enough to identify REAL VALUE, and that he is basically looking for a luxurious car that is nice to drive and won’t break the bank. Wha Who; many Americans made fun of Lexus as a start uppity wannabe luxury company by those that had Jaguars, Mercedeses and BMWs.

I think OP cares less about status than you do.

Sometimes a “status” car is necessary. My neighbor across the street came from Hong Kong before 1997 and the transfer to China. He was a real estate broker and picked up other Hong Kong prospects at the airport in his… S Class Mercedes, what else! The Merc is the ultimate status symbol there. His own personal car was a yellow top of the line Corvette.

If you buy one to “keep up with the Jones” or as a status symbol you will still have an empty feeling after the purchase. Things cannot satisfy the soul.

If you are buying one because you can afford it then I would suggest a Lexus or a late model Vette. The Vette, even though I do not care for any Vettes, is the best value in a high performance sports car.