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I want a sports car!


OK, call it a mid life crisis, but I’m thinking of getting a sports car. I’m looking used and under $10,000. I want stick and convertable. Fast would be good, but not necessary. So… I’m thinking of a BMW Z-3. Somebody told me I’ll be sorry because of repair costs. I can get a 98 with around 90,000 miles for $9000. Any comments?? Any suggestions?? I know Click and Clack said recently BMW’s and cars like it are great until 90,000 miles. I thought Corvette, but as much as I’m a Chevy guy I wanted something smaller. Give me some input / ideas !!!

Crossfire could be fun.

looks like a 2004 age on ebay is around 10 grand.

Miata? Nissan Z? Do you have to have a convertible?



How about that new Saturn Sky/Pontiac Solstice?

It’ll be over $10K, but with Saturn and Pontiac both being shut down you may be able to get a good deal on one. I don’t know much about the reliability, but I always liked that design, especially the Sky.

I realize you already nixed it, but I think the late '90s Corvettes are the best bang for the buck out there right now for a car of this type. They are fairly easy to find for under $10k and are a real head turner. If performance isn’t that big a deal for you, and you are small in size and stature, the Mazda Miata is worth a look. They are really fun to drive, do well on gas, and are reliable. I mention being small because I am almost six feet tall and overweight, and would have trouble living day to day driving a Miata. Take a nice long drive before buying due to the size of the car.

Honda S2000. Fast, fun, reliable. Should be able to find one with a stick.

I don’t think you can find them anyway else.

Miata. Absolutely.

How about that new Saturn Sky/Pontiac Solstice?

I’m going to second that. The reason is, if you want a sports car you want to drive it. I think these offer the best bang for the buck. Vettes and other exotics will be very high mileage for that price. These are the Ford Focus of sports cars.

A 2003 S2000 or earlier would be under $10,000. It gets 20 MPG, though.

Thank you for all the great replies!! To answer and comment… It doesn’t have to be a convertable, but I prefer one. I had a Corvette and I would be open to one if the right one came along at the right price. I’m divided on Miata. Not really sure on that one. I do like the Sky and Solstice. Didn’t even think about them because I think (I didn’t look yet) they would be out of my price range. The Crossfire…HMMMM, Never thought of that and I do like the way they look. My son thinks 1998 to 2002 Z-28 or Trans Am (What he has). But what about my original thought… BMW Z-3 any thought on that?? I’m going to log off and look up all mentioned vehicles on and check prices. Keep those suggestions coming in. Very good input out there.

Personally I would steer away from the bmw, If I wanted a vintage fun car, 240z or toyota supra.

UPDATE and comment. As much as I liked a 240Z and the Supra, I’m not interested in anything older than around 1995.
I just went on and that Miata is looking pretty good. So my son don’t like it !! A really nice 2003 Miata in my area is $6500. Corvette your looking at a 95 for $14000. The Crossfire is a viable option at $10,000 for a 2005. I also like the Honda S2000. I heard there was trouble with their automatic transmissions, but I would look for stick. A 2003 in my area is going for $11000. Sky and Solstice are $17,000 minimum at this time. Any other ideas?? I’m liking the Miata !! What the heck, it’s the least expensive, good gas milage, and to answer the one question, I’m not big at all so I’ll fit just fine. Thanks to all. Looking forward to more comments. I thought at least one person would at least say Hey, I have a BMW and it’s great. Or I have one and never will again.

It sounds like you really want a Miata, it would be cool, I think your mind is made up so start shopping for Miatas

Z3 (as long as its the 6, not the 4) would be fun. A well-maintained one would be the only way to go. The S2000 would also be great. I’m not a big Solstice fan, but drive one and see what you think. If the Miata doesn’t appeal, skip it, you gotta love your choice. You could get a very nice Mustang GT convertible for $10k, I’d prefer that over Camaro/Firebird. You could also find a Porsche Boxster, early year, for that $$.

I vote for:

  1. Toyota Celica
  2. Honda S2000
  3. Mazda Miata

In my very humble opinion and with all due respect to you Whitey…it’s not a sports car if it’s FWD. You give up a lot in convenience and size for what it can offer in performance and RWD is part of that big trade off for handling that’s necessary. And, describing any FWD car as a good handling “sports car” is like saying you’re the thinnest person at a “fat farm”.
Sorry Celica…you don’t even deserve to be in that list of great “sports” cars.
Just a wise “A” observation and two out of three is pretty darn good.:slight_smile:

Boilerman, Corvette Or Viper. Sports Cars. America. End Of Story. (Unless, Of Course, You Found A Nice Big, Bad Mustang, Camaro Or Fire Bird And It Strikes A Chord.)

The newer Vettes are quite well made and reliable, not to mention being head-turners and creating real pride in ownership. You might have to throw in a little more cash, but well worth it. That $ 14,000 range you are talking about is an investment, not extra expense. I’m looking, myself.


Just for the record… I would love to get a Mustang GT. Only problem is it would have to be 2005 or newer. I love the body style. I just can’t swing the price right now. Most likely the only chance would be if I found a real high milage one. I do agree Corvette could be an investment. But chances are not one that would pay off for me. If I got a 95 Vette for around $14,000 I would guess it would take 20 more years for the price to go back up. Most likely I’ll not be around or too old to care.