Keep Hummer or Change Up?


Exactly. OP would save about $1,000 per year in fuel cost with a 6 cylinder Mustang. Just drive the Hummer. Of course OP is probably just tired of the Hummer and desires something sporty. Better MPG is just an excuse. I used


It seems to me that the long wheelbase of the H3 would provide a more comfortable ride that a smaller vehicle with a shorter wheelbase. Our minivan rides better on the highway than my Accord does. @Hkm280, maybe you could trade cars with a family member or friend for a couple of days commuting to see if you prefer the smoother ride of the H3.


Thank you all for your opinions. I have sold my truck for $10,300. I have actually bought a white Mazda 6 2015 for $12,000 with 35k miles and one owner. It has a soft but sporty ride and the mpg is great. The handling is what I enjoyed from test driving my previous choices.


@Hkm280 If you know how you could make this thread as solved .


Enjoy the new to you car.


Likewise, cheers, and enjoy your M6. Sounds like a great choice.


An M6 is a BMW :smirk_cat:


No, an M6 is a gun.
The M6 Air Crew Survival Weapon was a specially-made firearm issued to United States Air Force aircraft crews to help forage for food in the event of a plane crash. It was issued to U.S. Air Force aircrew from the late 1950s until the early 1970s, replacing the World War II-era M4 Survival Rifle. Plans to replace both with the MA-1 never came to fruition.


Iā€™m looking at the trunk lid :smiley:


I like your gun better, @db4690.