Kayak transport


My wife and I recently got a kayak which we are planning to take with us when we drive up to Maine (from NJ)next month. I bought a Thule Hull-a-port rack, which is the kind that stores the boat on its side. My question is: Should I invest in a cockpit cover? I imagine that there is some drag that will be caused by having the boat’s cockpit open while we drive but I’m not sure how much. The cover for this boat is likely to cost me $ 50-60. Is drag that the open cockpit will create bad enough that it’s cost effective to invest in a cover.


Don’t worry about the drag. The potential for having rain that moves around inside the kayak and cause problems. Water weighs nine pounds a gallon.


I would not bother. I doubt if it will make a noticeable difference.

It might even make matters worse. If it were to start flapping in the wind, not only would that make it uncomfortable for you, but could do damage and it may increase the wind resistance.


I don’t think covering the cockpit will affect the drag, the airflow around the kayak will be fully turbulent anyway, and I don’t believe there will be a significant high pressure zone created because the air flow will be parallel to the opening.


As a resident of coastal Maine I have yet to see a kayak covered regardless of the mode of transportation. Save your money and buy lobsters! Enjoy.


I concur, I am resident of Seacoast NH and have never seen what your speaking of used by the car transporters.


Um, I think closer to eight pounds, not that the difference is that important, just don’t want any youngsters to get a false start.