Karma?(not Karmann,Ghia)

I had weird week,it seems like everything is out of wack and coming back at me me(Karma?)I know this doesnt have much to do with vehicles(did screw up a tailight on the Mack although).Does anybody else suffer the “The no good deed goes unpunished” syndrome-Kevin

No. But I have had a lifetime of stepping in it and coming out smelling like roses. Keep up the good deeds Kevin. It changes everything and makes for a life well lived. But watch out for the gratuitous act. That can make for bad Karma.

I appreciate that, one thing I generally dont do anymore( pardon my grammer)-pick up hitchhikers,usually I have to know them.Thanks for the advice,Need A Horse-Kevin

No, But I Have Had A Charles Schultz Comic Strip On My Refrigerator For Many, Many Years Featuring Charlie Brown, Rerun (I Believe), And Snoopy.

Charlie and Rerun are walking along talking and are overheard by Snoopy.

Charlie Brown : “Which do you think lasts longer in life, the good things or the bad things?”

Rerun : “Good things last eight seconds . . . bad things last three weeks.”

Charlie Brown : “What about in between?”

Snoopy : (Who jumps up on the doghouse and assumes a peaceful repose.) Snoopy (in a thought bubble) thinks, "In between you should take a nap . . . "


Naaa, "Karma’ is just their version of heaven and hell, a means to keep us on the straight and narrow when we fail to apply the golden rule…

I suppose ones actions tend to create,ones Karma good or bad-Kevin