Good Karma pays off

Several weeks ago something hit my windshield on the Ohio Tnpk. Hit it hard and left a star burst in the driver’s field of vision. My insurance company was real good about getting me in touch with the glass company. They came out and took a look and said they could not repair it because it would not pass inspection due to it being in the drivers view and the repair would leave a foggy area. No problem, small deductible and they will replace the entire windshield. So a few days later the fellow comes back with the windshield and puts it in. Very nice guy, we watched him do it and traded stories on just about everything. I mentioned that I could not get the wipers off of my Town & Country; I need to get the cowl off to get to the PCV valve. He said those wipers were real difficult and to get a wiper removal tool to take it off. He gave other hints too.

So after he left I noticed he left his ratchet and socket on my workbench, a nice S&K. I called his office and they said he was talking with the boss so they could get the message to him right away. I did not hear from him for a week, so I called back and the gal said she told him right away and would call him again. Another week goes by, so I gave up on him.

Today I am under my car changing the oil and a set of feet comes around the garage and says Hi. It is the glass man. He was real busy and this was the first time he was back in my area. So I gave him the tools, he was very appreciative of getting them back. I mentioned that I had been soaking the wiper arms on the T&C with PB Blaster and he said, lets take a look. So in less than 5 minutes he has them off, we cleaned the crud off and put them back on. If I tried to do it myself it would have taken over an hour and I would have broken something. Now when I am ready to do the PCV valve, it will be much easier.

I could have been a jerk, kept quiet and kept his tools, but the help he gave me was far more valuable than a ratchet and socket. Good Karma pays off.

Yeah but good karma is when the guy is a jerk and you drive 20 miles to return his tools anyway.

If it it had been say an F150, that would be good Truckma.

Life would be far better for all of us if everyone was as honest and decent as you AND the glass guy. The world is a little better place because of both of you.


Good karma does pay off, some times it takes a while, but having no expectations avoids disappointments.

@melott Ooh groan!

@SteveCBT, we need more people like you.

Kudos to Steve!
This morning, I did my good deed for the day by bringing a dozen of my home-grown organic squash to the local Senior Center. You would have thought that I was distributing gold!

Unfortunately, the good karma from that act did not prevent me from having to undergo the first stage of a root canal procedure about one hour later.


@VDCdriver I thought you were going to say homegrown organic pot to a local… all this legal medical marijuana must be influencing my thought patterns, accompanied by what I hear are fairly costly prescriptions, what kind of squash? Hope the root canal went ok.

Unfortunately, medical marijuana–while legal in NJ–is incredibly difficult to obtain, but of course Chris Christie has to cater to the whims of voters in Iowa, rather than the folks who actually pay his salary and who overwhelmingly approve of medical marijuana.

The root canal went as well as that type of thing can go, I guess. Two more visits to complete the RC, and to fit a new crown on that tooth.
The only pleasant part of the ordeal is that my dentist is an absolutely gorgeous young woman!

And, just to keep this on an automotive note, I did give the dentist some advice regarding maintenance for her Buick Enclave.

PS–The squash are both yellow summer squash and golden zucchini.

Hmmm. I’ve had a couple of those. One last year. This year just a crown. I made sure it wasn’t coming from China like a lot of them. A few years ago I had a bad one and my face blew up like a balloon until I got some antibiotic. Not fun but I’m glad I don’t have to watch.

You should be proud of your governor for losing so much weight though. Otherwise he’d probably be dead by now. Now we have a DFL gov who by the way I generally but not always support. It was like pulling teeth (appropriate today) to get him to agree to even medical pot. Everyone else wanted to go the Colorado route but he dug his feet in.

I still don’t think all of the medical facts are known about the long term brain damage from pot but I think this whole criminal issue needs to finally be put to rest. Just silly jailing people for pot use and letting gangs go free. Just in my humble opinion. I suspect though that in the next 20 years smoking pot will be acceptable but smoking cigarettes will have to be done in the woods.

“You should be proud of your governor for losing so much weight though”

Actually…not many people can go through lap band surgery and manage to lose only ~50 lbs over the space of 2 years. Those close to him have revealed that he makes the State Troopers stop his caravan of Chevy Tahoes frequently for a Crispy Crème break.

So…yeah…he is now down from his former 390 lbs to only about 340. Unfortunately, lap band surgery can do only so much if somebody has little self control.

@VDCdriver My last root canal took less than 3 hours start to finish. The dentist prepped the tooth, then took digital imagez, which were transmitted to a milling machine in the back room. The machine fashioned the crown from a ceramic block. The dentist put the crown on the tooth–it fit perfectly and I was on my way. To keep this automotive, the dentist has several restored antique cars.
The OP’s story reminded me of our piano tuner. Some 30 years ago he was just starting out and, after tuning our piano, left his tuning hammer behind. I noticed it that evening and delivered it to him at his apartment, which was in a run down section of town. He has now really built up his piano building business and has a nice house and shop out in the country. However, if I need a piano tuned for a performance at our church, he will work us into his schedule±even come on the weekend.

Root canal… AARGHHHHH !!!.Been there, done that.
Been the “crown” route too. “Crowns” seem to be far more common today than they were just 20 years ago. It must be a change in teaching in the dental schools.

As regards good deeds and car, I think that between modern technology and the litigious nature of modern society it’s become hard to do good deeds now. Or perhaps cars have become so reliable that when they do break they need a shop to fix them. That’s a good thing, because it’s so difficult to access so many things on modern cars. I looked at an old Spitfire recently, and it was amazing how simple everything under the hood was and how accessible. I could see, and easily reach, every part of the engine. A good deed on a car now is calling AAA.

Yeah I do brakes and fluids and filters and stuff but that’s about it anymore. The belt on my G6 is so convoluted and tight space I had to have a guy do it. I bought a dealer belt for the Acura and it cost me $70. After looking at it I tackled that one myself and wasn’t too bad if you had three hands. I assume some of these guys pull the wheel off and go in through the side is all I can figure.