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Justice Brothers products

Hey all just wondering has anyone here ever used some Justice Brothers products and if so how did their products work out for you.

Just bought a few of their products myself after hearing some good things about them

Why did you get them? Problems?

And why choose them over a ‘name brand’?

@texases I have an older car ( 98 Grand Marquis) that hasn’t been running lately & has been sitting… recently changed a leaking oil filter gasket & harmonic balancer. Car has well over 200,000 miles on it so thought some additives could only help.

I’ve heard good things from them from a automotive podcast I listen to

I’d be very surprised if they made any difference. And a ‘podcast’ can be a disguised commercial. Can’t imagine they’re any better than what’s at Walmart.

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Under the hood podcast… they seem like good honest mechanics, but who knows. I listen to the old reruns from the cartalk show as well.