Just wondering

Boss got way over a100K miles on a set of ten ply Michelins on his personal truck (07 1500 4wd silverado),tread was still legal when he had them changed,rotated every 5K when someone did the maintenence on his truck-he drives to get good tire wear also,but I dont think he ever had to replace his valve stems ,I guess time has more to do with this then mileage,everytime I tried to cheap out and get by with the old ones which maybe had 3yrs or around 50K on them,I had trouuble(they looked fine no visible cracks or anything).
Am I missing something here?-Kevin

Replace valve stems? As preventive maintenance?

Is the OP talking about replacing tires or replacing valve stems, or both?
The OP’s…“question”…is almost incomprehensible as it is currently written.

I’m curious as to why anyone would have 10 ply tires on a half ton pickup, @Kevin. What size tires were they?

“Am I missing something here?”

Yes. A question other than the above.

If the question is about valve stems then it’s because the 07 Silverado doesn’t have them. What you see poking out of the wheel and where you air up the tire is a tire pressure sensor monitor. They don’t get replaced unless they fail electrically or leak air.

If the question is about the tire I’d say it’s because he has a 10 ply tire on a simple half-ton truck. Those tires belong on a 1-ton work truck or van. They’re thicker and heavier because they were built to carry a load. Sure, he got good tread life out of them, but how much did his fuel economy suffer and how hard did that truck ride?

Well thanks for the people that didnt have that much difficulty in figuring out what I was getting at-are you sure an 07 has TPS? If so then that is probaly why they lasted so long as far as prevenetive maintainence with the luck I.'ve had with them it would probaly would be a good idea every 3 yrs or so.Moral of the story is always replace the valve stems on conventional systems when you change tires ,even if they look good.As to why the Boss would run load range E tires on a half ton is beyond me,I was under the impression that the heavier the tire,the hotter it would run,think the size was 265 ,He may have swapped tires with one of the other Guys trucks.I believe his pickups do run a little less mileage due in part to the 15-40W oil He insists on running in those vehicles-Kevin

And thanks for adressing the tire valve stem life on TPS vehicles,would hate to have replace those suckers with the tires(still hoping for “tweels” ,thanks again-Kevin

The rubber compound makes a big difference too. Softer rubber grips better, rides better, but wears faster. Harder rubber may last a long time, but I’ll bet his truck handled like crap in the rain and beat him up on all but the smoothest roads.