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Just when you thought that Renault couldn't get any more weird

Take a look at this article, and see what you think:


Viewed from the front the car looks like that nasty little “Chucky” character. Why a country that exudes elegance and good taste, and sports some of the world’s greatest writers, produces these numskull cars with weird names is beyond me.

There’s more to a car than a front-on picture:

It looks like a cute little citycar to me. But it does have a habit of attracting ambulance chasers, though.

haha that is sooo funny

The front is not bad looking, it is the opposite of Mazda’s smiling front end. The rest of it looks like a styled Smart For Very Few car.

At least it does not look like a comatose Kia, yawnnnnnnnn

In the eyes of the French, it could be a winner. The early Citroens and others were certainly not pleasing to the American eye either.