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Just reliving my childhood

What 1960’s car I believe it was a “General Motors product” Had a liquid display Speedometer that changed colors the faster you traveled??

My 1948 Dodge had this feature. The speedometer glowed green until it hit 30–then the speedometer glowed amber unti 50 miles an hour. Above 50, the speedometer had a red glow. My dad’s 1947 DeSoto was the same way. I do not remember any GM car of the 1960’s having this feature. Furthermore, I don’t remember any liquid display from this time period.

Thank you

I don’t recall precisely but I also believe it was Desoto. My BIL had a 57 that I think did that.

More than one upscale '60s car model had a speedometer that changed colors as you went faster. However, it was not a liquid (crystal?) display. That technology did not come along until a couple of decades later.

Yep, some Mercedes models had that feature in the 1960s, but it was mechanical, not liquid.