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Just found my mid life crisis car

From what I understand, someone has the great idea of creating a v8 out of 2 Kawasaki ninja inline 4s. The crankcase and the flat plane crankshaft are custom designed. Then someone else installed said 2.4 liter V8 in a Subaru BRZ

Somebody was rolling in dough!

The sound, the SOUND! Ohhh, That is wonderful!

'Scuse me. I need to go buy a lottery ticket!

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Do they road race with it? That’s what it looks like. I don’t read Japanese. They use Arabic numerals for some things, like RPM and HP. I don’t see torque, though. It looks like a lot of fun, and that is a sweet sound when it winds up towards 10K.

367ps(horsepower), 27.4kgfm or about 200ft lb

Wish I can afford it, but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming about it

BTW, I can’t read Japanese either. I read about it in popular mechanics

I want to say that the V8 variant of the Ariel Atom has a similar engine.

The BRZ lacks the “peel your face off with the wind resistance” feature that comes stock on the Atoms, though. :wink:

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The 3L Ariel V8 was similar. It was two Suzuki Hyabusa engines combined together.

Insane barely begins to describe it.