Just bought my first brand new car...2018 Toyota Camry SE

I’m excited. After almost 19 years after getting my drivers license, I’ve just purchased my first brand new Camry SE with 10 miles on it. Anyone else has the same model? Just curious!

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Looks sharp! The SE and XSE have a much better overall style I think.

No, but congratulations on your new Camry AND on having survived without a new car for 19 years!
My guess is that you’re very good with money management. Take good care of the Camry and it’ll last you hundreds of thousands of miles.

Generally regarded as the world’s most reliable and longest lasting family car. Several family members own Camrys and all ae happy with them.

yep, i had a 2010. liked it. but that grill is fugly. its a cross between a cheese grater and banes face mask

There is a great feeling in owning the first new car. I bought my first new car 20 years after I got my license. My car was a 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon with the 4-4-2 trim package. It was just a trim package–the engine was a 260 cubic inch V-8, the transmission was a three speed automatic and it had a single exhaust and 2 barrel carburetor. I kept the car for 33 years.
You chose well in picking a Toyota product. I own a 4Runner and a Sienna minivan. This is my 2nd Sienna. All the Toyota products.I have owned have been reliable.

Congrats. Most reviewers liked the 2018 to the point that they said it almost feels like it is not a Camry!

They are great long lasting cars. I had a 2005 but moved on since.

Check on toyotanation forum for others who have the same car and also to keep up with potential issues/etc.

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I don’t buy Toyotas but everyone should buy a new car at least once. I remember a girl I hired was out of college for about a year and working for us had a reasonable income and future for the first time. After a few months she came to me wondering if she should buy that new car she was looking at to replace her junker. I said absolutely, everyone should buy at least one new car. She did it and never had any regrets. New car smell, warranty, no surprises, freedom to drive anywhere you want, and the color of your choice.

It took me 20 years until I bought my first new vehicle, my work bought a new office and I wanted something dependable for a 90 mile a day commute,

I bought my first Toyota, a Corolla, in 1976. It was my fourth car, my second new car. The only reason I traded it six years later was that I had "growing family syndrome: I needed four doors and more space!

Once you own a Toyota after lesser makes, you’ll probably become a Toyotaphile. They’re that good.

Congrats on your new Camry. I expect it will deliver a fine and reliable ride for years. Suggest to keep the routine maintenance up to date; if you do that, you should be good to go. Also suggest to take a lot of photos from various angles of the engine compartment and the stickers under the hood, the door jams, and in the trunk. Eespecially take photos of emissions sticker info and vacuum hose routing. I did that for my new Corolla and over the course of 25 years of ownership and diy’er repairs those photos have come in very handy.

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This is a really good idea, I have an 09 Ford Focus Se and the ink on the belt routing sticker under the hood faded and smeared to the point that you can’t use it (thank god for smartphones and the internet when you’re away from home fixing something on the fly…)