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2001 Toyota Camry - keep or sell?

Do I purchase a new/used car now or wait a few more years
Husband was my car guy died 10 years ago and now I am on my own
No problems with my car 163k miles but I think I would like a small SUV for seeing over all the big cars on the road
a brother in-law is touting the Kona Hyundai
Do I wait, what would you recommend

If the Camry is serving your needs, keep it, drive it until the wheels fall off-that is what your late husband would have said/done.

BUT, if you have visibility issues/etc and would feel safer in a higher car, then it might be time to move on. On what you should buy, the Kona is a nice small CUV, my friend (who usually drives a Lexus CUV), test drove it and liked it. But you should drive a few cars for extended periods and then decide.

Agree! My sister, who is now unable to drive, gave her 2001 Camry to her daughter, who still drives it on a daily basis. This is one of the most reliable cars ever built!

In our correspondence we often run into owners of Camrys which have gone over 300,000 miles on them.So, find a reliable independent mechanic who will check it on a regular basis and you have many happy miles left.

If visibility becomes a real problem, then you should consider a different vehicle.

A used Toyota Camry/Solara would be a better choice. How many 17 year old Hyundai do you see on the road? Not too many

Your age may be more of a deciding factor than the age of your present car. I bring up age because you say your husband died 10 years ago. Here’s my suggestion – If you can afford it buy a new car. You will have a warranty plus less chance of a break down. That is a BIG peace of mind. I’m 79, well off, and I buy a new F-150 every 2 years. Been doing this for 25 years. New is wonderful. One thing I do not suggest is to get emotionally attached to any vehicle. They are fickle as they age. Good luck.

That seems silly , why not at least keep for the full warranty period or lease .

I doubt a newer used Camry or Solara would provide better visibility than her current Camry.

The thing is, newer cars have some significantly better safety features than the '01 models, not to mention that an old Camry is as boring as the day is long.

Take some time one weekend to visit the pre-owned lot of your favorite brand to just check some cars out and decide if you like one. BUT resolve to say no and walk away the first day - the salesmen are very persistent! The certified pre-owneds usually come with extra warranty time, and you can also consider a service agreement for peace of mind.

My advice to most older folks who have the budget is to always buy new. More standard safety equipment and less repair hassles. I just tested the new Kona and it is one of my favorite new vehicles. Here’s a review if interested.

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Test drive a Kona and see if you like it. You don’t have to agree to buy a new car to go for a test drive. When the salesperson asks when you are going to buy, say that you are getting ideas Don’t agree to anything after the test drive. If you want a long test drive, rent one of whatever you like after test drives. If you decide a SUV is what you want, then buy it.