Jump starting a car with a perfectly good battery

My car was at Walmart for a routine oil change and I told them that they had to use the spare key to start the car because the key with the FOB had a chip problem and the car would start and then shut off but the spare key worked perfectly. Well, that message did not get passed on to the mechanic working on my car and they tried jump starting my car when the battery was fine and then they called me and I told them to use the spare key. My question is did they damage my car in any way by trying to jump start a perfectly good battery? Also it may be coincidental but for some reason my car sounds a little louder since the oil change. Thanking anybody in advance for helping answer my question.

I doubt any harm was done by jump starting. My concern would be this noise you mention and did not describe.
Your first step should be checking the motor oil level and making sure it is on the FULL mark.

A few questions. Was the engine making noise as you drove home? If so, why did you leave WM with it?
Point here being the scenario that in a no-start situation someone may have forgotten the motor oil and created some damage.

Hopefully nothing was damaged.
Not to be a Debbie Downer, but why don’t you put the FOB on the good key?
You need to get to a locksmith or dealer to have two working keys and two working FOBs.


I did check the oil before I left and it was full. It isn’t making a noise, but the engine just sounds a little louder when I accelerate.

You are absolutely right. I am going to do this asap. You know us women procrastinate until something is a problem…well not all women, but this woman, lol, thank you!

Definitely applies to men too! Hmm, maybe I’ll take down the Christmas lights next week…lol

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No , just leave them up . If anyone says anything just tell them you did not want to wait until cold weather.


It might help if the OP could clarify the part about the engine sounding louder. Meaning rattle, knock, or whatever the definition of louder is.

This is only a theory without knowing details but since it’s not that rare it should be brought up. What if somewhere between the oil draining and the jump start someone forgot to add motor oil?
Engine rattles followed by “Oh crap…shut it off” and THEN the oil is added. Hopefully this is not the case.

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Could be induction noise if the air cleaner lid is not properly latched.


Or if a hose is left off the bottom of the air cleaner assembly.

By louder I mean it sounds like more of a race car when I accelerate, kinda like headers but not crazy loud, but definitely different than before I got the oil change. I am getting my AC worked on by a real mechanic Friday so I am going to ask him to check the air cleaner lid and the hose on the air cleaner assembly as suggested by the kind people in this group.