Car stopped suddenly

Just bought a new battery and put oil in the car. Started fine. Driving tonight and suddenly stopped!!! Wouldn’t start after a jump. Could here it trying to start but nothing. I think I added more oil then needed. Didn’t know my grampa put some in already!! Did I ruin the engine!!! HELP!!!

maybe. Get it towed to good repair shop, lots of different things could have been damaged. On the other hand, an oil change and some cleaning may be all it needs (we hope, but I doubt).

Too late now, but always check the dip-stick before adding oil.

There is a third possibility, the the overfill was not the problem, but the battery change is your problem. Why did you need a jump? If the car wouldn’t start but the starter cranked fine, a jump would do no good.

Is this what happened? Engine stopped. Wouldn’t start, wouldn’t even crank. Just clicked. In this case, perhaps your battery change went wrong. Eg, a lead fell off or is making a bad connection.

From your post under Dead Battery or Alternator?

A new battery may not last more than a half hour if driving at night, and the alternator isn’t working. If nothing else, tow the car home and do the following:

One, check the oil and see how high it is, compared to the full line. If needed, drain some out. It should not have influenced your starting problem.
Two, verify alternator. That way you can confirm the alternator is doing its job. I assume that did not happen when you replaced the battery. So, recharge the battery, then go to a mechanic or a place like Advance Auto Parts, preferably in the daytime, where they can check the alternator function on the car. Depending on those results, you may have your answer. Until you do that, you don’t know whether you have a new problem, or a continuance of the old problem, which may have involved the need for more than just a battery.

Two items I bought years ago, when I had to keep some older cars running, was a battery charger, and a volt meter. This allows me to trickle charge a battery overnight when needed, and if I get the car started, to check the alternator output at home. Total cost today is less than $60, and the money it saves over time is considerable

good point. Answers the question of why new battery.