July's problem with 1985 Nissan Sentra

We had a carbureted 1987 Nissan Sentra with the same problem that July in New Brunswick, NJ described on this weekend’s show. The dealer had already replaced the fuel filter and the fuel pump; but still the car would bog down for no apparent reason. When the dealership couldn’t fix it, a local mechanic gave it a try and diagnosed a rag in the fuel tank. This seemed highly unlikely as we had purchased the vehicle new, had never loaned it out, and it still had relatively low mileage. To determine if the problem was indeed in the fuel tank or supply lines, I picked up a new plastic fuel tank and some clear plastic hose at the hardware store, put the tank on the floor of the passenger side and connected the line directly to the input of the newly installed fuel pump. As I cranked the engine you could see the fuel being pulled through the clear line and the engine started right up. However, once out on the road, the vehicle would still bog down at highway speeds. With plenty of pressure at the carburetor and still the continued symptoms of fuel starvation, the mechanic began disassembling the carburetor and quickly found the problem to be a small clogged cylindrical porous filter (about 3/4” in diameter and a little over an inch long) that was located just past the point where the fuel fed into the carburetor. Once a clean filter was in place the car ran fine again.


Good for you

No offense, but why did you post?

It seems that your problem is already solved and you don’t need our advice

BTW . . . the 1985 and 1987 Sentras are built on different platforms, so you are comparing apples to oranges

There are the rerun from yeas ago probably do not even own the car now, but if anyone today has the same problem I am sure they will appreciate your comment.