89 Nissan Sentra 4x4 wagon- bogging down or missing on low rpm

I have an 89 Nissan Sentra 4x4 wagon 5 speed. It only has 40,000 miles. When I upshift or try to accelerate at low rpms (1-2k) it bogs down a bit or feels like it might even be missing on a cylinder. I just replaced the spark plugs (correctly gapped) but not the wires, with no change. I also have been running fuel system cleaners in the gas with no change. Could it be as simple as the fuel filter? Happy for any advice… thanks

Have you replaced the fuel filter, how about the air filter? What cleaners? With that low of a mileage if it was my car I would do some sea foam an oil change, and a road trip of a few hundred miles at tollway speed burning through a tank of gas or 2 then another oil change. You will get maf or pcv all possible but bottom line is you got to do some more miles!

Stuff like that is often just from neglect of regular maintenance - so yes, it could be as simple as a fuel filter…or other simple things. How old are those wires, and why didn’t you replace them? Why would you not just replace the fuel filter? Its not a “wait 'til it breaks” item. Its a regular maintenance item. It probably has a distributor. How are the cap & rotor? My guess is that you just need to do a full round of basic maintenance.

In addition to the above I would replace the ignition wires if original.
Do a compression test.
Does this have a carburetor?

Thanks everyone - I already had checked the air filter (which is clean and fine), but did not check the PCV filter on the side of the housing so I’ll double check that, too. The cleaner I’ve been running through it is seafoam, but I’ve only gone through 3 tanks so far and no long highway miles, so I’ll keep at it. Fuel injected and compression seems fine. Just ordered the fuel filter and new wires to throw on, so hopefully that’ll do the trick. Again, thanks for the advice.