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Jokes about driverless cars

No. 0006 : The good news is that thanks to autonomous vehicles, teenage car fatalities are at record lows. The bad news is that teenage pregnancy rates are at an all-time high.

No. 0007: Apparently I’m worthless. I was in the street at the same time as a baby, an old man and a stray dog, and an autonomous car avoided all of them and swerved into me!

Fun stuff, even the ones about things other than driverless cars. Thanks for the Friday laughs.

Do driverless cars ever get parking tickets? How would they pay the parking meter?

Ok, it’s a comic and not a one-liner, but I’ve always liked this one:

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They wouldn’t have to. They’d see the meter maid coming and move to another spot or circle the block until the meter maid leaves.

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I was passing the Kwik-E mart on University & Central (Albuquerque) when one of the homeless guys drove off with the car whose owner had left it running while filling up then gone inside for a beer.