John Force Racing MIA

John Force Racing missed the restart of NHRA racing at Indy last weekend, and there is still no official explanation. I suppose it’s COVID-19 related, but nether John nor Robert Hight have released a statement. My favorite 14,000 horsepower madman is missing! What’s up? Rumors welcome. Until John releases a statement, it’s all just conjecture, but we can have fun with that.

The only man that I’ve ever seen speak in the same volume of voice to a person standing directly next to him as he would another person standing 300 feet away during a category 5 hurricane.


I’m a Kalitta fan, actually. Having retired from flying for the airlines, I even applied to Kalitta Charters II, Doug Kalitta’s company. Despite having a few thousand hours in B727s, I didn’t get hired. I’m HOPING my age (64) was the only reason. :slight_smile:

I saw Dave Despain interview Force on Wind Tunnel. Dave asked one short question, and John waxed on for five minutes about his racing. Occasionally, the camera cut to Dave and he just sat there laughing. I don’t think he was laughing at Force, just enjoying the show. I decided that his enthusiasm at any age was infections, especially for a 60-ish driver that had been at it for 30 years. Force eventually allowed he forgot what Despain asked, and wanted to know if he answered the question. Dave said he couldn’t be happier with the response. At other times, Despain said that he often had to draw information out of his guests. Not so with Force. Just turn him loose and watch the show. So, what is faster and louder? John Force or his funny car?

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Autoweek’s speculation is that he’s not getting the sponsorship money that would normally be coming in, Either that or the team wanted to give some other racers a turn in the spotlight.

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John Force step OUT of the spotlight, any spotlight, for any reason? I don’t think that’s likely… :wink:

Sponsorship money may be an issue… John may be ill… Answers in time, I imagine.

Even if John is ill, The other three drivers could be racing.


John Force is in his 70’s, the team must have made a decision to sit that race out. We’re all speculating until then

Of course we’re speculating. That’s the fun of it!

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NASCAR has their own version, Clint Bowyer. He’s like a Chatty Cathy once he gets going.

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When Force is dead and buried I’m sure his muffled voice would still be heard years later at night in the cemetery.
I don’t think he was manufactured with an OFF switch…