Joe Average!

Why cant the carmakers ask us what we want and can afford?

Since you obviously have something to say about “the carmakers” not offering what what you want in a car, just tell us what you want that isn’t offered.

If you want a custom car to meet all your personal needs, you cannot afford for it to be built.

The car companies DO build cars to suit your needs. They run constant focus groups and market surveys. But, for mass production, they can only make but so many different models, each with it’s own features. And they have to comply with Federal, State, and local regulations. All of that adds cost. They settle on the number of models they can economically build and figure on standard equipment and optional equipment, so people can find the car with the options that best suits their personal needs. There are over 20 car companies selling cars in the US, so everyone is trying to build them as economically priced as they can to stay competitive.

If you cannot afford the car or truck you need brand new, there are used cars and trucks available. The selection and options are wide and diverse. And you also need to make sure that they are mechanically sound before committing to buy. There are a few independent services available to check the soundness of any used car you may consider. Most used cars are sold ‘As-Is’, so a soundness check is important to do.

With all that being said, what is your specific beef? The car you like too expensive, or you cannot find what you need in your price range?

Have you given them your phone number?

If not, then how can they contact you in order to ask these questions?

Right now, it is very possible that the CEOs of the Detroit Three are scratching their heads, wondering how they can get to speak with Joe Average. Please provide them with contact information so that the US auto industry can get back on the right path.

Is this, generally, the car you want: roomy as a Lincoln, all the amenities (and, then some), 700 horse power (more horse power upon request), gets 50 miles per gallon (city), brand new, $10,000 total, 2% interest rate (gotta charge something) spread over 10 years payment plan, with “pay-it-all-off” free insurance if, for some small reason, you can’t? Come on! Let’s deal! Buy this brand new car! Free taxi provided to the dealer of your choice. If you don’t buy, free taxi home, or to the tavern of your choice. (Sorry, at this time, we can’t provide coast to coast taxi service…but, we’re working on it.)

“Affordable” models do not sell well in the US nor make much profit given the high costs around healthcare/employees.

I think car makers offer more than plenty, people are just too choosy.

I sure am.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most auto makers do at least some market research before releasing a vehicle…

Do you mean like offering concept cars at auto shows (like VW did with the “new” Beetle a few years ago) and then, after evaluating consumer demand, actually building the car? I’m sorry to sound like a wise-guy here, but I think that carmakers DO ask the public what they want and they DO price them as to what we can afford. For example . . . yesterday I took a road trip of about 250 miles, in highway and city traffic . . . three moderate-sized cities and four major highways here in Pennsylvania. I hardly saw one car older than a few years old, saw tons of high-end sedans and even more bi “off-road” four wheel drive pickups, and even MORE SUVs. I though . . . gas shortage? No way . . . . tough economy? You couldn’t tell from what people were driving. Where were most of the cars going? The Malls that I passed by were FILLED. Are a lot of people living beyond their means? Yep. So, what we can afford is really relative to what you can get financing for . . . and then you go round and round with the AIG bailout thingy. Sure I’d like a car built to my wants and needs . . . but custom COSTS. Sure I’d like to buy something more expensive than I can really afford . . . but should I? Good topic, though. ROcketman

You know . . . this really IS a good topic! Let’s make a list of things that we really want in a vehicle and maybe send it to the big three. I’ll start . . .

 1.  A reliable, time-proved engine like the Toyota 20R or 22RE;
 2.  Plastic body parts like a 90's Saturn to cut down on body rust;

Anybody care to chime in? 

  1. The abolition of timing belts!
    I will only buy a car equipped with a timing chain.

Timing belts could be made to last the life of a car, they could easily outlast a timing chain, its just a question of materials. CV boots could also be made to last longer.

But why not do away with the timing belt/chain altogether and have solenoid activated valves controlled by the computer that would offer an infinite variety of valve timing profiles to best meet the immediate needs of the engine at any given time.

They do. Every time someone buys a car, or doesn’t, they send a message to the car makers.

Back in the late sixties, Consumer Reports tested a well equipped Volkswagen Beetle, and summed it up by saying; “This is the car most Americans SHOULD drive, but PROBABLY WON’T!”

Americans always want something more than they can actually afford. George Romney introduced the compact car to the US, the Rambler, believing that if he offered a sensible affordable car, people would flock to the showrooms. Not so!! It’s like asking a woman to wear “sensible” shoes.

I have many frugal, responsible and environmentally aware friends. What do they drive? Mostly Subaru Outbacks(fully equipped), Lexuses, and other upscale cars.

As mentioned, there is such a wide variety of cars avilable, new and used, that you should look around WITH A LIST OF WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED! You can go from a stripper Hyundai Accent to the fully loaded Cadillac cream puff, and everything in between.

It’s hard for us to do the thinking for you.

The first Mustang was the result of considerable market research and Iacocca’s keen sense of what might sell to younger and wealthier people entering the labor force.

  1. The return of Camry and Accord station wagons. And, no, the Venza doesn’t count.

It’s simple. You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all people all of the time. If you are lucky, you might please most of the people most of the time.

I want a pick-up truck that can tow 3,000 pounds and get more then 30 MPG on the highway (when not towing).

I prefer gear driven instead of timing belts

your starting to get there!-Kevin

No the Vehicle I want is one you can spec like a truck or at least go to the dealer and add the options I want-around here you cant even go to dealer and get a spray in bedliner unless its a Nissan.
Once upon a time I wanted a new Toyota Xcab 2wd,Tacoma 2.7 liter 4cyl-When told I couldnt have it I looked elsewhere.
Look is it really too much to ask to able to be able get a pickup with a power to weight ratio of 12-13 lbs per hp for around $20K everybody doesnt make union scale -Kevin