2002 s10 Think the clutch is slipping



I was driving my 2002 S10 to a job interview today, and it was driving normally. When I went to get on the freeway (heavy acceleration) I noticed that the engine was revving and the speedo would catch up. So While on the freeway in 5th gear i goosed the throttle and the engine revved again ( I could hear it) with little change in vehicle speed. When i let off the throttle the Engine went back to normal RPM for speed. Now I have been driving all day and noticed this. It only happens under moderate to heavy throttle. 2.2L 4Cl 5 spd. By the way.

Is my clutch slipping?

If so can I adjust it, or am I doomed to replace it in the frigid winter of northern ohio?

Also I think it is auto adjusting. How does this system work it it possible that something is plugged, or that a small vacuum leak (on the list of things to fix) could be causing this (IE the adjustment system is vacuum run)?


You describe a slipping clutch. To find out, start the engine, put the transmission in fifth gear and try to take off as if the transmission is in first gear. If the engine doesn’t stall the clutch is slipping.



The engine did stall, but it took considerably longer than it should have. I think the diagnoses is right, but is there anything else, other than a worn out clutch that would cause it to behave in this manner?


The clutch is slipping. You’ve proven it beyond a shadow of a doubt. It’s not adjustable and there’s no vacuum associated with the clutch. It’s strictly a hydraulic system.

It’s slipping because it’s worn out (most likely) or because oil is getting on the clutch. Either way the clutch has to be replaced. How many miles on the truck?

You could try babying the clutch and see how long it lasts, but it’s never going to get better by itself.


The truck has 84,000 mi on it. I just brought a pan of fresh brownies to the mechanic, I owed them to him anyway, and the said $600-$800. Does that sound about right for a new clutch? I really would rather not try to do this myself in the middle of winter, but I am currently unemployed. If that price sounds about right, I may just start eating potatoes and suck it up. I need the car to find a job.

Also, what is everyones feeling on OEM Vs. Aftermarket clutches. Cost benefit analyses. Oriel’s had a complete kit for $160. I don’t know how much OEM is, but I suspect it is much more.