Jetta Transmission

I’ve got a '94 Jetta - 95K miles - engine runs well. The automatic transmission, however, after driving at freeway speed, for a half hour or so starts down shifting and upshifting for no reason. This also happens sooner when the weather is hot. Driving around the neighborhood the transmission acts “normal”. The speedometer also does weird jumping around when the transmission is about to experience its “herky jerky” performance. I’ve taken it to two “expert” highly computerized VW analysis shops and haven’t come up with a cause for the problem. Also, I think (I’m not the regular driver) the engine gets a “hot” smell. Anyone out there have an idea of what it might be and if there is a cheap fix? JCB - No. VA

Most things on a Jetta, and particularly those that you describe will not be cheap. Budget $2500 for a transmission overhaul by a good independent shop; don’t go to the dealer or one of the chains, such as AAMCO. If it’s less , consider yourself lucky!

Forget the computer analysis, someone had to examine the transmsiion phisically.