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200 Jetta TDI. Need help please!

My 2000 TDI Jetta has recently encountered a problem. It recently snowed a lot where I live which is very unusual. I drove the car in the snow/ice a few times and it was fine but I went to start the car the other day after all the snow had melted and it would not start. It cranks and will not start. I tried jump it and it still would not start. I replaced the 109 relay and the fuel filter and it still wont start. I am a college student who cannot afford to have it towed and taken to the shop. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks!

Check for water in the fuel. Remove the drain plug on the bottom of the fuel filter and see what comes out (use a catch pan).

My guess is it is the anti-stutter valve. It prevents run on’s and keeps the engine from chocking a few times when you shut it down.

To make sure, you need to find the valve. They are usually in the engine compartment near the fire wall. On the top. It will have a large rubber hose attached and a round silver gadget on it. On one side you will find a lever of sorts that you can move. If it goes clunk when you try to move it, try starting again. That should do it. It may be fine after that or it may need a cleaning.

For a lot more information and some photos of it try and search for stutter valve.

Good Luck

TDI = Turbo Diesel Injection