Jetta MK4 Front Strut Replacements

The Strut upper mounts are worn and everything is all original on my 99 Jetta, I think I should just get a “quick strut” and be done.

I am happy with a decent OEM set up. I looked on Rock Auto and they have the Muffler Chain brand available in the OEM category, which I have never been very impressed with. Also, They don’t come with replacement hardware, from what I can tell.
The prices are good but I dont always see it as a good value. They only had one Moog which is a Brand I have confidence in. If they had two I would have pulled the trigger.

Any suggestions in this area appreciated.

Also I checked out some YouTube videos and there is one guy who does not remove the ball joint and CV axle from the steering knuckle. He says he does it all the time. He removes the sway bar link and seems to be able to lower the control arm enough to get it out. He made it look fast and simple. What gives with this? I have to assume he is not removing OEM struts. But… I may be wrong. Can anyone clarify why he can do it and it seems others can’t?

Considering the age of your car, Monroe quick struts are good enough…I have them on my 99 Corolla and they feel fine.

With all due respect your assumptions and comment are overly simplistic and don’t address my questions. I am happy you like the Monroe quick struts on your Toyota.

This is the kind of overly simplistic answer you get from an auto body shop when all they ask is what year is the car. From there they know what kind of money they can make from the insurance company.

I appreciate comments from people with experience relevant to my questions., Thanks.