Camry 99 (V6) struts


I have Camry 99 V6 and need information the brand of struts to put on? I really want the brand closest to the originals as there are a lot of make availabe in the market, Monroe, KYB, Belistien, Gabriel etc? Please help. Thanks, Khalid


The struts you listed meet or exceed the OEM’s specifications. So take your pick!



Thanks for the reply. Which one will you prefer for a smooth comfortable ride?


IIRC, both Bilstein and KYB are more performance/handling oriented, so if a smooth, comfortable ride is what you are looking for, I would suggest that you go with Monroe or Gabriel brand struts.


Actually, Bilstein makes a range of shocks/struts with different stiffness, I have their “HD” on my cars but some folks prefer the “comforts.” The are a little more expensive than most other bands.

KYB = “keeps you bouncing” or “keep your Bilsteins” depending who you ask.


Thanks for all your replies guys, really helpful Just one last thing. Does anyone of your know what brand does Toyota use? They are selling it for $144 each.


I wouldn’t touch KYBs with a ten-foot torque wrench. I have reason to believe they treat their employees shoddily.


But if no one buys KYBs, won’t these employees be out of a job? Would that be better?


I believe that Toyota has a policy of having more than one suppler for the originals. It is likely the ones they sell over the counter are not the same as the ones used on the assembly line anyway. Replacement struts are usually valved a little a little stiffer to account for wear of the suspension parts.