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Jetta 98 Manual Transmission Failure

I have a 1998 Jetta 2.0. As I was driving on the highway the other day I tried to use 5th gear and realized that it was not working. I only have 3rd and 4th gear, so it’s been a real problem trying to get around town. Also, reverse and 5th gear are not working at all. The shift stick feels really loose as well and it makes some type of jingling noise when I move it. The question is if this can can be driven on the highway on 3rd and 4th gear or if I should expect those gears to fail as well. I have a mechanic whom I trust a lot, but he is 700 miles from my car. Would it be a problem if the car is driven on highway only to be reunited with its mechanic?

There’s a (slight) possibility that the tranny’s ok, but the shifter is way out of adjustment. For $30 you can get a 3day subscription to the Bentley VW manual for your car, might be worth it to see if you (or a handy friend) can adjust it.