Shifting Linkage 99 VW Jetta 5 speed

I can only get my 99 VW Jetta 5 speed into 3rd and 4th gear. It seems to be a linkage problem. The transmission was working fine until it seemed to me that the gears were in slightlt different places. At first you had to push down on the shifter as if you were goin to use reverse to use 1st and 2nd gears. Then I couldn’t 4 out of my six gears. I am still driving the car with only 2 gears andwas hoping someone has encountered this before. I have taken apart the console and the shifting linkage seems to be in good repair and does not look bent or anything obvious.

The shift linkage is not in the console but between the bottom of the shifter and the transmission. It could be a transmission problem, take it to a trusted mechanic or 2 or 3 for an estimate, see what their diagnosis is and if it something you feel competent attempting to repair.