Jetta 2007 Headliner problem

An ugly VW dealer is giving me the run around. What are my options? Please read attached.


My Jetta’s headliner is shrinking in the back two columns by the rear glass panel. VW of America has agreed to a complimentary replacement of headliner; a $1030.00 job. Happy for that! Now here is the problem: the VW dealer in charge of doing this replacement told me that he is likely to break the back glass panel in the process and that will cost me over $400.00. I believe he is pissed off for having to do this job for free and he is trying to deter me from having him do it. He is in the process of ordering this headliner piece for me but haven’t heard from him in over a week. If he breaks the glass I will have another shop replace it which gave me a better price but deep in my heart I believe he is responsible for fixing what he breaks. Questions: can I ask VW of America to have this job done at another VW dealer in town? I have already signed an agreement to have the headliner replaced at the “ugly” dealer but the more I think about it the less I want to deal with him. Another option could be to just leave the headliner as is but it kind of looks sad and ugly. Thanks in advance for your input.