Jerks when I accelerate

When I need to accelerate it stalls on me and does this-roller coaster type motion going up hill-. I had an oil change, and major tune up done, and had the injectors replaced. Worked good for about 10 minutes then I tried to go on the freeway and it did the jerking again. Please tell me somebody knows why this happens.

First suspect: dirty fuel filter.

Describe what was included in this “major tune up.”

Spark plugs, air filter, gas filter, Thats all I know for sure.

They said they changed it.

A “load” is placed on an engine when the car is accelerated, or climbs hills, or inclines. It takes a constant fuel pressure and fuel volume to do this. To find out if your fuel pump can supply this fuel pressure, the engine has to be tested under a load.
A load can be achieved by running the engine at 2,000 rpm with the transmission in DRIVE; and, a fuel pressure test gauge attached to the fuel line to see if the required fuel pressure is there. This seems to be a difficult idea for some “mechanics”, but, it’s a necessary test. If fuel pressure is inadequate, vehicle performance will be poor, such as yours exhibits.

In addition to a load test of the fuel pressure as suggested by hellokit someone should also check for signs of exhaust blockage. If the mechanics figure out how to load test the fuel pressure, they might recall how to use a vacuum gauge to detect exhaust blockage.