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Repair and maintenance

1992 Dodge Caravan, 3.3 liter engine

More oft than not, when I come to stop or after a stop and beginning acceleration, van will jerk and then not go into 3rd gear. I have to stop engine, wait a few moments, restart. Then vehicle drives normally. Had trans rebuilt 22k miles ago, for similar probs. Took back in 5-6 times during 12 mo. warrnaty. This and that was supposedly done but van never ran as it had for first 147K miles. Then in march of 2008, this prob began, more intent when I noticed that on Freeway, engine was laboring and realized it was not in third gear. On rare occasions when i come to stop, van will jerk hard and cut off, however it will start right back up. I have my own suspicions but want some feedback before i take van back in to another transmission shop. I put some LUCAS Trans treatment to help hard shifts but haven’t driven van but once to notice any change as the van is moody and has days when it doesn’t act up at all.