Jelly Belly Removal

The guys advised putting Katie’s minivan on jacks and bouncing it around or going to a shop and getting them to put the front end on a lift to get the offending beans out. She lives in Portland, OR, for goodness sake, she’s probably driving up and down hills every day. If they were gonna come out that easily, they would have already.

On the off chance that she drives a very flat route around town, find a steep-ish hill, park, put the parking brake on, and bounce the car. It’s a WHOLE lot safer than doing something as nuts as bouncing a car around while it’s on a jack or jack stand.

How about pouring boiling water into the offending duct? The jellybeans will still be there, but they’ll be melted to the duct and shut up!

I have an '06 Ody (touring ed). We bought it wrecked and repaired it to perfect running order. So, I’ve had the interior apart and have seen the duct work. If yours is the same edition, the ducts come from the rear where there is a separate heating/cooling system. Jacking the car up in the front won’t work.
This is a very easy car to work on. Everything just snaps out. I would take the 2nd row out & fold down the third, unsnap the carpet and unsnap the plastic duct work until I found the jelly beans. There aren’t very may pieces or places they could go. Good Luck!!

On second thought, rather than taking the ducts out, try parking upward and downward on a steep hill to get them to roll out.
There are ducts under the front seats that the beans may have gone into also (both open toward the 2nd row). If they are in the front ducts, you’ll have to take out the front seats to get the carpet/ducts out. Other than the seats being heavy, it’s not hard, just time consuming.
If you took out the 2nd row, you could unbolt the front seats and lay them back on the floor giving you room to get to the ducts without having to unplug the wiring.
Good Luck Again!!

I have 3 suggestions:
#1 use a really powerful leaf blower to fling them out.
#2 put some chewing gum on the end of a stick, and fish them out.
#3 pour in some glue and stop them from rolling.