Jelly beans in ventilation system

Our 4 year old son dropped a cup of jelly beans onto the floor of our 2010 Honda Odyssey and they spilled into the vents under the driver’s seat. We vacuumed out what we could and the rest are rolling around in the ventilation system under the seats. I have a couple of questions.

Is there any harm in leaving them in the ventilation? I assume as the weather gets warm they will melt and stop rolling around.

Should we pay the dealer $82/hour to get them out? The dealer promises to get them out but can’t tell us how long it might take until they get in there.

Would it be possible to get them out ourselves? If so, where do we start?

I would take the vehicle to a good detail shop. They are the professionals when it comes to matters like this. Get an estimate before they start work. The other problem with leaving them in the vehicle is the various insects that will take up residence in your Odyssey. It could also attract rodents and that’s a whole new and possibly expensive ballgame.

I would find the steepest hill I could find - angle the van nose up. Then I’d back up and slam on the brakes. After that doesn’t work, I’d try a vacuum attachment long and skinny enough to fit down where the jelly beans are. If that didn’t work, I’d look up in my shop manual how that part of the ventilation duct comes apart.

Is it just annoying them rolling around? Just wait till it gets hot and they will likely permanently melt into place never bothering you again.

Andrew, I Think I Read About That In A Department Of Redundancy Department Statement.

CSA :wink:

Melted jelly beans will attract ants, which might become more annoying than the jelly beans.

I wouldn’t pay the dealer to clean the vents. Either take it to a detail shop or do it yourself. Sounds like worst case scenario is removing the seat. This is an afternoon project for a DIY person.

I’m with McP on this. My first thought also was the ants. If one ant finds the sugar (and it probably will) it’ll leave a chemical trail for all the other ants to follow.