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Intermittent Rubbing Sound Coming From Front Passenger Side Wheel

I have a 99 Honda Accord and for the past few weeks there has been an intermittent rubbing sound coming from the front passenger side wheel. Some days its more noticeable than other days. The speed, volume and pitch of the sound is only affected by wheel speed. It is not affected by turning, applying brakes or rough terrain. There is no clicking or knocking and there is no off balance pull when applying brakes. My first thought was hub bearing, but everything I’ve read describes a constant grinding sound.

I had same issue in my 2001 impala get CV joint checked out

Listen carefully to my clip. This is the noise a bad wheel bearing makes when driving. In my case,it was a grinding noise that got worst when car was turning slightly to the right. It was the right front wheel bearing that was bad .When the car was lifted up in the air, the wheel had a lot of play in it, confirming a bad wheel bearing.

Bad bearings don’t always make a lot of noise. Sometimes it’s subtle. Jack it up and give it a wiggle or ask your mechanic to check it. Many places around here will do this at no charge.

The noise you hear might from a belt separation in that tire.

Swap that tire with the rear tire, and see if the noise moves with the tire.


Not all bad wheel bearings will have excessive play

In fact, most of the ones I replaced were rough, not sloppy