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Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2005 Won't Shift

recently had a problem with my automatic jeep wrangler where it stopped shifting out of park and drive etc… the lever would just slide between the different options freely and I wouldn’t hear any sort of click. I eventually found that this was because a piece under my car had broken (Some sort of mechanism that pulled another piece when you shifted). Currently I’ve been fixing this problem by taping the two pieces together, but that never holds for too long and I’ve been wondering if it would be possible to just gorilla glue (or any glue for that matter) the two pieces together for a more permanent fix? Or am I honestly just stuck coughing up the dough to replace the broken part? Thank you in advance!

Is the cable end dropping off the shift lever on the transmission? If so install a washer and cotter pin.

The end of the shift cable should have a plastic bushing that snaps onto the transmission lever ball stud. If the bushing is worn or missing it is available separately.

From a Chrysler memo;

The shift cable has a bushing (PN 68137495AA) that is available as a separate service item. Do not order the complete Cable assembly if only the bushing requires replacement.

thank you!