Jeep wrangler cj

Dont ask why but does anyone know where picturs or kits or how to lower a wrangler or cj7 a little?

Don’t Ask Why, But Use A Tire Gauge And Reduce The Tire Pressure, But Don’t Drive On The Road With It Or Over 15 MPH. It Won’t Be Safe.


Lower profile tires would do it. has a calculator that you can use to figure out how far off your speedo will be.

Beyond that, check out a jeep enthusiast site. I’m sure there must be aftermarket springs, shackles, etc. to lower the Jeep.

Thanks for the info but not for crap comment. My aging grandfather cannot get in his jeep very well and will not sell it I was trying to help him you. But no really you funny, so funny. picture was great. Well done nice one. zinger really, really.

If you’ve been offended by something in my reply I sincerely apologize. Nothing in the reply was meant to be disrespectful.

Since your goal is to make the Jeep more accessible for your grandfather, perhaps a side step rail (see attached link) would help.

If you can’t figure it out, ask a Notre Dame grad.

PurdueGuy, That Makes Sense, Now. Gramps Won’t Part With The Jeep And He Can’t Climb In And Out. I Got It ! That’s Better Than “Dont ask why.”

How about installing a step and / or grab handle(s) ? I have a handicapped relative who uses a little step stool for ingress and egress.



It took a 2 second search. This is just a start. Take a look. You’ll be fart’n through silk ! Enjoy,

Thanks I was over thinking the situation I can’t believe I did not think if this. Cheap and easy.
As for the notre dame gentleman I look forward for the boilers and irish match up next year always one of the best games of the season. I just wish the boilers could finally turn aroound their football program. I blame Hope and the rest of the coaching staff. I can’t believe you could almost have 4 quaterbacks injured in a season also all your running backs.

You’re Welcome, And I’m Just A Lowly OU Grad. I Guess That’s What Keeps Me From “Over Thinking” Any Situation. Now, Where Did I Leave My Car Keys ?