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Death wobble for wranlger

Between 40 & 50 mph my jeep shakes violently, but only occasionally. The tire store balanced my tires but the problem is still there but less frequent. Any suggestions?

You need to replace the bushings in the track bar and sway bar with high quality polyurathane ones. Also have the tie rod and drag link inspected for excessive wear.

Many Jeeps Have A Steering Damper (5th Shock Absorber) In The Steering System. Sometimes Hitting A Slight Bump Will Set Off The Shaking If That Damper’s Bad.

This is typical for Jeeps. It is caused by the high caster spec, but that also gives the car the good steering feel. Besides, you won’t be able to reduce the camber without major surgery.

And as others have found out, worn bushings, ball joints, etc. will fix the problem temporarily, but it will be back when the components are worn again.