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Jeep wont start

Engine light went on, then went off 2 days later. Today, my poor jeep won’t start. Completely dead, and unresponsive to jump starting. Havent had any problems starting b-4 today…it is 104 degrees out. Maybe it melted. Battery or ?

When you say “completely dead”, do you mean no lights or anything come on when you turn the key?

Try taking of your battery terminals (negative first), and cleaning them, as well as the battery posts. Then replace them (negative last), and see if it will start. If no lights or anything else works when you try to jump it, you may have a burnt fusible link or a blown main fuse in the underhood fusebox. If you do get at least some response when you jump it, you probably need a new battery.

Well if it won’t turn over, it’s probably not related to your check engine light. No cranking is most often caused by a bad or undercharged battery, corroded or loose connections or a bad starter. Take your battery in to any parts store and have it tested. If it’s ok and your connections are clean and tight check for 12 volts when the key is turned at the starter’s S terminal. If you have power at B+ and S and no massive voltage drop then your starter is bad.