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Jeep Commander Won't Start Unless Pull Fuse

In order to start the Jeep we have to pull the ignition fuse and put it back in. We have tried replacing the fuse and the starter relay. What can I do to fix this?

Give us a bit more info. What happens during the no start condition? Complete silence, clicking, starter turns but the engine does not, engine grinds way but does not catch? Each points to a different problem and solution. What shape is the battery? How many miles on the car? Is the check engine light on?

It must be rectangular :smiley: :smiley:

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Almost 200000 miles. Battery less than 6 months old and AAA checked it and said it was fine. When you turn the key, the dash lights and the radio come on, but it will not start and it is quiet. As I said, if you take out the ignition fuse and put it back in, the car will start.

What year? This is not a Jeep forum nor are we Jeep people, you need to be specific.

I think the last year this was made was 2010, so it is at least 10 years old, high mileage suggests it is older.

My sons Wrangler had a similar problem, turned out the connections in the fuse box were corroded to the point of separating. The solution was to wire around the fuse box and add an inline fuse. Real PITA. My theory is you are in the early stages of a similar problem. Your pulling the fuse may jiggle it enough to reconnect, but you are not far from a complete disconnect.

A similar problem with British cars long ago was corrosion of the fuse and fuse box contacts which could be polished and then regularly polished to prevent recurrence.
Has the Prince of Darkness infected Jeeps?

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Remove the fuse, and with a pair of pliers, slightly twist the blades on the fuse so it fits tighter in its socket.


Sorry, it is a 2006 Jeep Commander

I would start the hunt by checking the safety switches tied to the starter solenoid circuit. There may be more than just one.