Jeep won't start unless I disconnect and reconnect the battery

Hi. I started having issues with my Jeep Wrangler after I noticed the door lock has been tampered with (looks like someone tried to open it with a screw driver). My jeep will start fine, but I cannot take it out of PARK. It’s only when I disconnect and reconnect the battery that the car will start and change gears properly. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

If you have full coverage insurance talk to your agent. It is possible that your deductible might be less that the repair charge.

Do you have electric door locks and/or an anti-car-theft system? If so then it may be more difficult to solve.

Not being able to shift out of P makes me think you’ve got a problem with the brake interlock safety system. You know, where you have to press on the brake pedal to get it out of P normally? Check to make sure your brake lights are coming on when you step on the brakes, that often provides a clue what the problem is for that.

The relationship with the battery disconnection, that’s a weird one. Seems like there’s a computer reset that’s needed, maybe to clear a problem with an electric door latch. Sometimes those use a servo gadget that gets into an unknown state that confuses the door circuitry, and needs to be homed to the initial position, during a reset. If so, the lock diddling may have damaged that device. You’d have to remove the door panel for a look-see.

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