Jeep with all sorts of problems

My Jeep has has been a huge drag on my entire being for a long time.

My 3 present problems are:

My turn signals work about 20% of the time, but my hazards work all the time.

My engine idles normally for about a minute, then starts revving on it’s own up to 2000 rpm then back down below 1000, then repeats.

The engine will not start until the key has been turned twice. The first time just fires the ignition, but the engine never turns over.

Please help!

Broke Joke, Please Tell Us The Model-Year Of This Grand Jerokee, Approximate Miles On It, And Which Engine It Has.

Who have you had look at and try and repair these problems and what has been tried so far ?


2002 Limited, 86000 Miles, V-8 4.7L…I haven’t taken it to anyone yet, but since the inspection is up in 16 days, I want to get the most effecient and cost-effective repair. I need to know what is wrong so I don’t get delayed and/or taken for a ride. The most pressing issue is the turn signals, because that will fail inspection.